Transaction Advisory

Our veterinary transaction advisory services help practice owners get the most value for their practice.

Exploring your needs and goals together.

It’s important to know that our work together is 100% confidential. Whether you are simply gathering information or hoping to move quickly towards a transaction, we maintain strict privacy. Our advisory services are here to help guide you in the right direction.

In the exploratory stage, North Star’s transaction advisors assist you in weighing the pros and cons of selling your veterinary practice. Is it right for you, right now? We walk you through all of the aspects of selling. You may wish to have less stress and responsibility, more time with your family, or capitalize on the value of your practice. 

We also help you address some of the concerns you have. Will your associates and team members be taken care of? Will they have options to share in the practice’s future success? You may wonder about how to tell whether the culture and fit of your practice will be a good match with the acquirer.

Streamlining the transaction process 
Once you have made the decision to work with us, we can move quickly to showcase your practice to potential acquirers. We act on your behalf and carry as much of the load possible so that you can stay focused on running your successful practice. While you’re attending to your patients, we’re combing through financial statements and practice management reports, completing a full deep-dive analysis of your practice. Through this process, we make sure we understand both the quantitative and qualitative attributes of your practice and its culture, so we can help you secure the maximum offer possible. 

Why work with North Star?
1. The buyers would prefer you don’t use our services or those of other advisors. It is better for them to drive the process and purchase your practice at a lower sale price(this drives up return for their investors). Our role is to be a strong advocate for you and position your business as a premium practice, making sure its potential is clearly articulated to potential buyers so that ultimately, it receives the best offers possible.

2. We have deep knowledge of the market. If you don’t have experience in the market, it’s difficult to know what your practice could be worth. Even if you solicit multiple offers on your own, you may be leaving money on the table if you aren’t familiar with what practices likes yours have recently transacted for. With our knowledge and experience in the market, we make sure you get the best price.

3. We strategize and negotiate for you. We are experienced and skilled in the art of negotiation: we know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Through our expertise and networks, we can expose your practice, discretely, to more potential buyers than would be efficient for you to do on your own. Attempting to solicit multiple offers by yourself can be stressful and will be a major burden on your free time. Our streamlined process is the most efficient way to market your practice in a highly competitive process.

4. You will earn more with North Star. On average, clients that have worked with our principal received $3-5 in incremental practice value for every dollar spent on the advisory fees. In other words, think of our services and fees as an investment that will give you an ROI of 3-5 times your investment.