About Us

Our mission is simple, to help veterinary practice owners secure the maximum value for their practice in a corporate transaction. Corporations are purchasing practices at a feverish pace and the way practices are valued in their eyes is vastly different than traditional valuation methodologies most practice owners have been accustomed to. We know how and why corporate buyers are valuing practices so high and use that insight to leverage the best offers possible for our clients.

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About Jonathan Kirby

My mission is to help you make decisions that are right for you and your practice. As a former co-owner of a vet practice with my wife Christine, I have personally been through a sale. And, in 2021, I assisted over 15 practice owners successfully navigate and close their own transactions, to a value of over $200M. 

I have had the unique experience of being both seller and advisor, and I understand the market, potential pitfalls, and how to advocate for the best possible outcome. I have also seen practice owners miss out on the deal they deserve. From experience, I know that having a strong advocate and advisor in your corner can make all the difference. This is why I founded North Star—to support owners in determining their goals for their practice, and fulfilling them. I am pleased to offer a boutique service that is personalized to you and your practice.  

My own journey as a practice owner began in 2012, when my wife, Dr. Christine Kirby, DVM, and I purchased our veterinary hospital. After several years of growth and expansion, we started to explore the various options on realizing some of the value we had created. I pursued my interests in learning about investment models and the inner workings of Private Equity-backed veterinary consolidators, as well as completing courses in corporate finance, financial modeling, and business valuation. In April 2020, Christine and I closed on a transaction to enter a joint venture partnership with a national veterinary network.

 Now, I am committed to ensuring that other owners have a powerful coach, advisor, and advocate as they consider their journey on transitioning out of practice ownership.

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About Dr. Rick Dalrymple

Dr. Rick Dalrymple is excited to help veterinary hospital owners prepare their practices for sale and support them at every step, leading to much smoother and more financially rewarding transitions. 

Rick graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, and he has been a full-time veterinarian ever since. For over two decades, he built up a successful four-doctor veterinary practice. In 2021, he executed a successful corporate sale of his practice.  

Rick’s approach to readying a practice for sale is to focus on the ‘big impact’ decisions owners should zone in on prior to a sale, that will generate more value and interest from buyers. There are many critical and time-sensitive steps involved during the sale period. Rick has the expertise to reduce friction points along the way and provide owners with trusted advice. Along the selling journey, Rick also helps practice owners temper the emotional highs and lows that come with the largest transaction of their career. 

With Rick’s experience—combined with his team’s analytical veterinary knowledge and industry connections—he is confident that he can help maximize your practice’s value while reducing the stress involved in a practice sale. 

Below is a small sample of practices across Canada that we’ve helped through successful transactions.

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Client Testimonial

Selling your practice is a journey that takes on a life of its own and it’s critical to have help to ensure the continuation of your practice’s legacy through the transition.  Every practice is unique and thus every successful transition will require a tailored solution.  Jonathan provides this individualized expert advice, guidance, strategy, and support from start to finish.  With Jonathan’s help, not only did my practice sale go through, I was able to get everything I needed and more to ensure the partnership with the corporate buyer would be successful for my practice, my team, my clients and patients, and my family going forward.  I could not recommend him more highly!
Scott Stevenson,
Thousand Islands Veterinary Services